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Sky Power & Beyond
Laser Rentals, Inc. - Joplin, MO USA
(In conjunction with Laser Media & Laser Fantasy International)

Director: Jeff Pinkerton
Producer: Rob McKinley
Laser Design: Walt Meador, Scott Cunningham, Tim Hallmark, Martin Koslowski
Laser Programming 14 Aerial Systems:Martin Koslowski
7 Ground Systems: Jay Heck, Linda Fullerton, Che Lopez
Music: Various Artists

Sky Power and Beyond was the name for the largest Laser Millennium Celebration in the United States, and one of the official starts to Millennium Celebrations in the United States. This was the largest of a three year identity project in Space City, USA. Over two million people witnessed 22 minutes of choreographed Pyrotechnics, Lasers, Pani Projectors, and Special Lighting, while peering into the night sky over a modern skyscraper City. Lasers having the power of 780 Optical Watts, from a total of Twenty One separate Laser Projectors, eighteen of which were Yag Lasers, along with three Large Frame Argon Lasers. All Twenty One Laser Systems were linked to SMPTE via Telephone Lines. Fourteen of the Laser Systems were for aerial projections, with placement of the systems in offices inside the Skyscrapers with the Window(s) removed, at 500 to 600 feet above ground. The other seven ground laser systems were used for Large Format Projections onto selected Skyscrapers, in addition to scanner aerial projections. There were 21 Laser Operators, as each Laser System was isolated.

The artistic challenge was a stage that was 360 degrees, with "seating in the round". The choreography encompassed 196 fixed beam projections, and twenty one scanner aerial projections. The artistic result felt by the 26 Laser Personnel, was for 22 minutes, two million eyewitnesses could truly feel the dawn of the New Millennium in the beauty of such a massive Production.